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API Adapter Cross-Server Security Issue

The AICC and SCORM learning content integration standards include methods that allow lesson content to interact with a learning management system (LMS), such as Siebel Training.

One of the integration methods for AICC—and the only one for SCORM—requires the use of an API adapter object, which the lesson content uses to communicate with Siebel Training. This API adapter object is typically a Java applet or ActiveX control in one frame of a multiframe HTML window, and the lesson content (in another frame) typically locates and interacts with this object through the use of JavaScript.

However, because of security risks, Web browsers by default do not allow executable code in one HTML frame to access another frame, whose contents may have come from a different Web server (cross-frame scripting).

There are several ways to address this limitation, and the solution varies according to the customer's requirements.

Some alternatives are:

NOTE:  There may be other alternatives that work for specific customer installations. Contact Siebel Customer Support to discuss other alternatives.

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