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Importing a Packaged SCORM Course into Siebel Training

Perform the steps in the following procedure to import a packaged SCORM-format course into Siebel Training.

This task is a step in Process of Importing an AICC or SCORM Course.

To import a packaged SCORM course into Siebel Training

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Training screen > Course Details view.
  2. From the Courses list, click the menu button, and choose Import Packaged SCORM.
  3. In the Import from packaged SCORM dialog box, click Browse to navigate to the location of the SCORM package, and then click Open.

    The full file name appears in the Zip file field in the dialog box.

  4. In the Unzip target location field, enter the path to the directory where the file should be unzipped. The preference values can be edited, if necessary.

    NOTE:  This path must be a file path on the server. For example, C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\SampleImport\testImport.

    Although the system preference values are set at the system level, you can edit the values when importing the file. For information on setting the system preferences, see Setting System Preferences for Training.

  5. In the URL of target location field, enter the URL to the same location specified in Step 4, and click Import.
  6. Verify that all imported course files are extracted from the zipped file in the installation directory.

    Examine the installation directory and verify that all files are extracted from the imported ZIP file.

  7. Modify the course information as needed, and, if the course is for credit, set the Units field in Course More Info form to a nonzero value.

    NOTE:  Completion Criteria should be set to Launch Based.

  8. Set the status to Active.
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