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Migrating Custom Siebel Workflows

Upgrades from: Siebel 7.7.x & 7.8.x.

Environments: Development environment only.

Custom workflows are not migrated to the New Customer Repository during the upgrep. You must use Siebel Tools to migrate these workflows to the New Customer Repository.

The migration process has the following characteristics:

  • All workflows that are in the Prior Customer Repository but not the New Customer Repository are copied to the New Customer Repository. Version 0 workflows are not copied.
  • If you have modified a version 0 workflow, change the name of this workflow in the Prior Customer Repository before starting the migration process. This causes the migration process to copy the workflow to the New Customer Repository.
  • You can repeat the migration process as needed. You can also exit the migration process before completion and run it again later. You can perform or repeat the migration process at any time after the upgrep and before the upgphys.

To migrate custom workflows

  1. Start Siebel Tools.

    The Siebel Tools version must be 7.8.x or later.

  2. Select Tools > Upgrade > Migrate Custom Workflow Processes.

    The Select Repositories dialog box displays.

  3. Make the following selections in the dialog box, then click OK:
    Field Name
    Make This Selection

    Prior customized repository

    • Prior Customer Repository.
    • Or select the repository that you are using as the Prior Customer Repository.

    New customized repository

    • New Customer Repository.
    • Or select the repository you are using as the New Customer Repository.

    The Migrate Workflow Process dialog displays. This dialog displays the steps in the migration. An OK in the first column means the workflow was migrated successfully.

  4. To stop the migration before it completes, click Cancel.

    To restart the migration later, begin at Step 1 above.

  5. Review the log file for errors.

    The log file is located at Tools_install_dir\log\upgwf.log.

    To locate logged errors, search the log for the word "error."


If the custom workflow migration process encounters an error and cannot migrate a workflow, it prints the word "error" instead of "OK" in the first column of the Migrate Workflow Processes dialog and in the log file.

In most cases, errors are caused by a problem with the workflow record in the Prior Customer Repository. Examine the record, resolve the error, and rerun the workflow migration.

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