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Showing and Hiding Object Types in the Object Explorer

By default, not all objects appear in the Object Explorer.

To show and hide objects

  1. Choose View > Options.

    The Development Tools Options dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Object Explorer tab.

    The Object Explorer hierarchy appears as shown.

  3. In the Object Explorer Hierarchy box, shown below, select the check boxes for the objects you want to show and clear the check boxes for the objects you want to hide.

    When you select a top-level object such as Applet, all child objects are automatically selected. To hide child objects, you need to expand the parent object and remove the check marks from any child objects that you want to hide. The parent check box becomes shaded to indicate that it contains child objects that are not selected to show.

    TIP:   The state of the check box provides information about the show/hide state of the child objects.

    Check Box State

    Current object shown, and all child objects shown.

    Current object hidden, and all child objects hidden.

    Current object shown, and some child objects shown.

  4. To restore default settings, click the Default button, then click OK.
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