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Defining a Target Browser

The target browser group determines how applets appear in the preview mode of the Applet Layout Editor. You can include conditional tags in Web templates that are displayed for some browsers but not others. Defining a target browser determines how the these conditional tags are expressed in the Applet Layout Editor and allows you to preview an applet layout as it would look in a specific browser.

To define configuration context

  1. Choose View > Toolbars > Configuration Context.

    The Configuration Context toolbar appears.

  2. From the Target Browser drop-down list, choose Target Browser Config.

    The Target Browser Configuration dialog box appears. The following table describes the parts of the dialog box.


    Available browsers

    List of available browser groups.

    Selected browsers for layout editing

    Specifies which browser groups are affected by subsequent layout editing in the Web Layout Editor.

    Capability name and value

    Specifies what capabilities or properties the currently selected virtual browser group has.

  3. To add a browser group to the list of selected browsers, double-click the browser in the Available browsers list.

    You can also use the right and left arrow buttons to move browsers between the Available and Selected lists.

  4. Click OK.

    The browser groups you added to the list of Selected browsers for layout editing now appear as values in the Target Browser drop-down list.

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