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Synchronizing Objects

After you compare two objects, you can use the Compare Objects dialog box controls to synchronize those objects.

To synchronize objects

  1. Lock the projects that contain the objects you want to synchronize.
  2. In the Object Explorer, select any two top-level objects of the same object type.

    Make sure the objects are locked.

  3. Choose Tools > Compare Objects > Selected.

    The Compare Objects dialog box appears.

  4. Select an object instance in the First Selection box and use the right arrow button to synchronize the objects selected in the First Selection box with the object in the Second Selection box.

    If the objects do not exist in the Second Selection box, Siebel Tools creates them. If they do exist, Siebel Tools changes their properties to reflect those in the First Selection box.

    When you copy an object from one tree applet to the other, the children of the object are copied as well.

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