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Buffer Methods and Properties in Siebel eScript

Table 12 provides a list of buffer methods.

Table 12. Buffer Methods in Siebel eScript
Method or Property

bigEndian Property

Stores a Boolean flag for bigEndian byte ordering

cursor Property

Stores the current position of the buffer cursor

data Property

Refers to the internal data of a buffer

getString() Method

Returns a string starting from the current cursor position

getValue() Method

Returns a value from a specified position

offset[] Method

Provides array-style access to individual bytes in the buffer

putString() Method

Puts a string into a buffer

putValue() Method

Puts a specified value into a buffer

subBuffer() Method

Returns a section of a buffer

SElib.pointer() Method

Gets the address in memory of a Buffer variable

subBuffer() Method

Stores the size of a Buffer object

toString() Method

Returns a string equivalent of the current state of a buffer

unicode Property

Stores a Boolean flag that specifies whether to use Unicode strings when calling getString() and putString()

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