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Setting Variables for Siebel Advisor in the Siebel Application CFG File

In the Siebel application .cfg file (for example, uagent.cfg if you are using Call Center), you can set up your application to reference other Siebel data by setting the variables shown in Table 1.

You can also configure these properties in Siebel Tools. When you create an applet in Siebel Tools, you can specify what CFG properties to pass along to the ShowCDA function. For more information, see the section about invoking the ShowCDA Method from a button in Siebel Advisor Administration Guide.

Table 1. Siebel Application CFG File Variables


Used in Mobile mode, this flag enables/disables automatic projects deployment. If this value is TRUE, it will deploy the project files to your local file system. If it is FALSE, it will turn off automatic projects deployment. The default value is TRUE.


Used in conjunction with ISSCDAAutoDeployment, this flag sets the automatic deployment mode. If the value is set to "ONDEMAND," only the projects that are being referenced by the browser-based engine are deployed to your local file system. If the value is set to "ALL," all projects that can be assessed by a user will be deployed to your local file system when the browser-based engine tries to load the first project.


The field names to be output to the client side in the GetPrice function.


The business Component name for the shopping cart. The default value is Quote.


The business Object name for the shopping cart. For example, Quote or Catalog. The default value is Catalog.


The view name the AddToCart function will switch to. This view name is also used after exiting GotoConfigurator.


The integration object name to be used by EAI to query/sync/upsert to the database. The default value is Quote.


The Business component at the item level. The default value is Quote Item.


The Business Component Name that a product detail view will use.


The Business Object Name that a product detail view will use.


The product detail view name.


This view name the server-based Configurator will display.

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