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Files in the ds Directory

The ds directory contains the Pageset Properties file, pagesetID_x.js, as well as product data files generated from the information you enter in Advisor Configuration and Feature tables.


Pageset Properties File

This file contains functions that define various pageset properties. Usually, you define these properties inside Advisor, which writes them to this file when you generate application files from the project. This file must not contain any HTML tags.

The file should start with the StartXInfo(pagesetID) function and end with the EndXInfo(pagesetID) function. In between, the file can contain any of the following functions:

  • InitPagesetVersion(version_string)

    Defines a version number string for the pageset. After a user clicks a link from an order back to the application, the engine reads this information when checking data versions.

  • InitPagesetDesc(description_string)

    Defines a text description for the pageset.

  • InitPagesetItemized(FALSE/TRUE)

    Specifies whether the components of a product appear as subitems or main line items after they are passed to an order-generating tool. To display product components as subitems, set the variable to FALSE (the default). To display product components as main line items, set the variable to TRUE.

  • InitAltOMSUrl(URL)

    Specifies the URLs of additional order management systems to which configurations generated by the pageset are sent. This is useful if you are using a Transact Server with the application and need to send configuration information to more than one order management system.


This file is generated by Advisor, and it contains the data used to define Contents Lists in the application.

Do not edit this file directly. If you need to update contents list data, edit the contents list table inside your Advisor project and redeploy your project to recreate this file.

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