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Use the RegisterExceptionFrames function to define which frame in a browser-based application displays exception messages. This function is always called from the Pageset UI Registry file (\pg\pagesetID_i.htm).

A frame is often both a normal display frame and also an exception frame. For example, a pageset user interface might contain two frames: one frame containing only input UI controls and another containing only output targets. If you register the output target frame as an exception frame, it displays results such as prices and pictures for a valid configuration but is completely overwritten to display exception messages for an invalid configuration.

You cannot use a single-frame user interface for a pageset that can produce exception messages.





The name of the relevant frame. This is a string. It is not a pointer. This should be a full path using ISS.GetPagesetDisplayArea.


The following sample code uses RegisterExceptionFrames to indicate that exception data should be written into the uidata nested frame of the mainArea frame.


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