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Consolidating ADM Deployment Units into the Deployment Package Directory

This task is a step in Process of Creating an ADM Package. Consolidating the Application Deployment Manager (ADM) deployment units into the deployment package directory requires first manually creating the deployment unit files as defined in Consolidating ADM Data Types into Deployment Units.

To consolidate ADM deployment units into the ADM deployment package directory

  1. Locate all the deployment units that make up the application customizations you want to migrate. Deployment units have the following format, based on type:
    • Database types. session_name.xml and XML unit descriptor file
    • Repository types. export_name.sif and XML unit descriptor file
    • File types. .srf, .gif, .css, .html, and so on
  2. Navigate to the root directory created and named in the task Creating the ADM Package Directory Structure.
  3. Place the database-type deployment units in the database subdirectory.
  4. Place the repository-type deployment units in the Repository subdirectory.
  5. Place the file-type deployment units in the file directory and their respective subdirectories as follows:
    • SRF files in the language-specific subdirectory of the objects directory
    • Browser script files, image files, and cascading style sheets in the webmaster subdirectory
    • Web template files in the webtempl subdirectory
    • Report files in the reports subdirectory of the ReportServer directory
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