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Generating the ADM Package

This task is a step in Process of Creating an ADM Package. Generating the Application Deployment Manager (ADM) package is a task that uses the ADM Package Utility to run the generate command. The generate command does the following:

  • Traverses the package directory structure and validates the contents
  • Calculates a checksum for future integrity checks
  • Creates a package descriptor file
  • Reports any warning or error messages

For information about the ADM package descriptor file, see About the ADM Package Descriptor File.

To generate the ADM package

  • Execute the ADM Package utility with the following command:

    admpkgr generate package_name

    where package_name is the name of the ADM package folder that contains the application customizations to be deployed.

The location of the package folder is set in admpkgr.bat file. You can edit this file and set the default package folder location or make other configurations by setting the switches described in Table 6.

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