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Process of Creating an ADM Package

The process of creating an Application Deployment Manager (ADM) package is the first phase in migrating application customizations to a new environment using the ADM framework. For more information on the overall migration process, see Overview of the ADM Deployment Process. For more information on deploying an ADM package, see Deploying an ADM Package.

To create an ADM package, perform the following tasks:

  1. Reviewing the ADM Data Type Requirements

    This task helps you determine how to package the application customizations.

  2. Consolidating ADM Data Types into Deployment Units

    This task consolidates the application customizations in a format that can be packaged.

  3. Creating the ADM Package Directory Structure

    This task creates the directory structure used by the ADM framework.

  4. Consolidating ADM Deployment Units into the Deployment Package Directory

    This task consolidates the ADM deployment units into the ADM package directory structure.

  5. Generating the ADM Package

    This task generates the necessary ADM package descriptor files. For information about ADM package descriptor files, see About the ADM Package Descriptor File.

  6. Validating the ADM Package

    This task validates the ADM package contents in preparation for deployment.

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