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Reviewing the ADM Predeployment Checklist

Reviewing the Application Deployment Manager (ADM) predeployment checklist is a step in Process of Deploying an ADM Package. This topic lists the items you must review before executing an ADM package deployment.

Review the following tasks before executing an ADM package deployment:

Reviewing ADM Data Types

This task involves reviewing the ADM data types you are deploying. Some of these data types have specific or additional deployment or activation related steps. For more information on individual data types and their requirements, see ADM Supported Data Types.

Validating the ADM Enterprise Profile

This task describes validating the Application Deployment Manager (ADM) enterprise profile, which includes checks for correct formatting and if the target servers match those listed in the serverinfosection in the enterprise profile. It also checks if the ADM management server is configured to locate these servers.

The ADM enterprise profile is referenced during the deployment task and must be valid. For more information on the ADM enterprise profile, see About the ADM Enterprise Profile. For information on configuring this file, seeConfiguring the ADM Enterprise Profile.

To validate the enterprise profile

  1. At the ADM command-line interface prompt, enter:

    deploy_ent_profile_name valent username password


    • ent_profile_name is the XML ADM enterprise profile name. The default name for this file is entprofile.xml.
    • username is the Siebel user name.
    • password is the Siebel password.
  2. After running this command, the ADM command-line interface returns either an error or success message indicating the validity of the ADM enterprise profile.

Choosing to Use a Staged or Full Deployment

This task involves deciding whether to use a staged or full deployment. A full deployment migrates the customizations to all Siebel Servers in a Siebel Enterprise Server in a single deployment of the package without interruption.

A staged deployment migrates application customizations to a subset of Siebel Servers in a Siebel Enterprise Server in multiple deployments staggered across different servers, which minimizes downtime.

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