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Modifying the Web Template to Convert a Form Applet to Grid Layout

To convert the applet to a grid layout, you can change the web template that the applet references. In Siebel Tools, you change the web template file that is associated with each applet mode to a template that supports a grid layout. You manually perform this task for each applet you must convert.

To modify the web template to convert a form applet to grid layout

  1. Make sure the applet or applet web template you must convert can be converted.

    For more information, see Identifying an Applet or Applet Web Template That You Cannot Convert to a Grid Layout.

  2. In the Object Explorer, choose the Applet object type.
  3. In the Applets list, right-click the applet that you must convert to a grid layout, and then choose Edit Web Layout.
  4. In the Controls/Columns window, click Change Template.

    If the Controls/Columns window is not visible, then choose the View menu, Windows, and then the Controls Window menu item.

  5. In the Choose Template dialog box, choose the appropriate template.

    For more information, see Applet Web Templates That Support Grid Layout.

  6. Repeat Step 5 for each applet mode.

    After you reference a grid layout template, you can use the Applet Layout Editor to edit the applet. For more information, see Process of Using the Applet Layout Editor and Guidelines for Working with Grid Layout.

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