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How Siebel CRM Constructs a Form Applet

A form applet is a type of applet that uses a form to present data from a business component. It includes the following qualities:

  • Displays many fields for a single record.
  • Provides a complete view of a record and are useful for data entry because the user can access all the necessary fields at once.
  • Associated with a single business component.

Figure 24 illustrates how Siebel CRM constructs a form applet. For more information, see Hierarchy of Object Types and Relationships.

Figure 24. How Siebel CRM Constructs a Form Applet

Siebel CRM uses the following objects to construct a form applet:

  1. Control. Defines controls on the applet, such as a text box, check box, button, or link. For more information, see About Applet Controls and List Columns.
  2. Applet web template. Associates an applet to a web template. A web template determines the layout and format of the applet when Siebel CRM renders the applet in the Siebel client. To display an applet in a different mode, you create an applet web template for each mode. For more information, see About Siebel Web Templates and Options to Control How the User Creates, Edits, Queries, and Deletes CRM Data.
  3. Applet web template item. A child object of an applet web template. It references a control and identifies a placeholder tag or location in a web template. The placeholder determines where the control is located in the Web page. If you use the Applet Layout Editor to drag and drop a control on to a web template, or if you use an applet wizard to create an applet, then Siebel Tools automatically creates an applet web template item.

For more information, see How a Business Component Field Provides Data to a Control or List Column of an Applet and Siebel Object Types Reference.

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