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How Siebel CRM Constructs a List Applet

A list applet is a type of applet that displays multiple records at one time. It includes the following qualities:

  • Uses multiple columns to present data in table format. Each row of the table represents a record from the business component that the applet references.
  • Allows the user to scroll through multiple records of data and view several fields for each record.
  • Associated with a single business component.
  • A list column establishes a relationship between the business component field and the applet web template item.

Figure 25 illustrates how Siebel CRM constructs a list applet. Siebel CRM constructs a list applet in a way that is similar to how it constructs a form applet. For more information, see How Siebel CRM Constructs a Form Applet. For background information, see Hierarchy of Object Types and Relationships.

Figure 25. How Siebel CRM Constructs a List Applet

Siebel CRM uses the following objects to construct a list applet:

  1. List. Includes properties that affect the list. It serves as a parent object for all the list columns in the applet. A list applet includes one list object definition, named List.
  2. List column. Identifies one column in the list. It references one field in the business component.

For more information, see About Applet Controls and List Columns.

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