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Localizing Help

This topic describes how to deploy help in different languages. If you must use Siebel CRM in a language that is not available from Oracle, and you must deploy help in that language, then you must localize the help. For more information, see Siebel Global Deployment Guide.

To localize help

  1. If the predefined localized help meets your requirements, then use that predefined help and exit this task.

    Siebel CRM comes with predefined localized help. For more information see, Predefined Localized Help.

  2. If the predefined localized help does not meet your requirements, then customize the ENU (American English) help to meet your requirements.
  3. To translate the HTML source files, modify the flat files.

    These HTML files constitute the help.

  4. Test you modifications and correct any errors.
  5. Distribute the localized help to the Siebel Servers and Siebel clients.

Predefined Localized Help

Siebel CRM comes with predefined localized help. Localized help files are located in the language-specific folders on the Siebel Server or the Siebel client. Help files are installed in the following location on the Siebel Server:

ORACLE_HOME\public\install language\help


  • ORACLE_HOME is the directory where you installed the Siebel Web Server Extensions
  • install language is the language you chose during installation

For details about the location of the help files for Siebel CRM, seeLocation of Help Files for an Employee or Partner Application and Location of Help Files for a Customer Application.

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