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Location of Help Files for a Customer Application

External partners, customers, and prospects of an enterprise use a customer application. Siebel eSales and Siebel eService are examples of customer applications.

The location of the help files for a customer application is the same as the location for an employee application except if the Value property of the Url Web Page Item Parameter references a URL, that URL is relative to the following URL:

http://hostname/Siebel application name.

For more information, see Location of Help Files in the Siebel Web Client.

The location of where you install Siebel CRM determines the location of the help files. If you run Siebel eSales on the Siebel Server, and if you request help, then Siebel CRM displays the following page:


In this situation, you can place the help files in any directory that you can reference from the following directory:


Assume you do the following:

  1. Create a directory named customhelp in the following directory:


  2. Create a start page named myonlinehelp.htm for your help.
  3. Configure your Web server so that Siebel CRM displays the customhelp directory to the user.

In this situation, you create a web page item parameter that references the customhelp URL. Table 79 describes the properties of this web page item parameter.

Table 79. Example Properties of the Web Page Item Parameter Object Type





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