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Overview of Configuring Help

This topic includes an overview of configuring help. It includes the following topics:

To access help, the user chooses the Help application menu, and then the Contents menu item. The user can then use the Web browser functionality to navigate through the help and to print topics.The help includes an index that allows the user to enter a keyword to locate a topic.

Help includes HTML files, image files, and a cascading style sheet that controls the appearance of the help pages. A predefined Siebel application displays the start page of the help in a separate browser window if the user accesses help. The following method of the Siebel Web Engine implements this functionality:

  • GotoPage for an employee application
  • GotoURL for a customer application

Help uses the following start page:

  • siebstarthelp.htm for an employee application
  • siebcomgeneric.htm for a customer application
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