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Objects You Use to Configure Help

Figure 87 illustrates how a container web page establishes the link between an application and the help start page. For more information, see About the Container Page.

The Container Web Page property of the Siebel application references a web page. Each web page contains child web page items. The HelpButton web page item includes a property that identifies the start page of the help. For more information, see How Siebel CRM References Web Pages.

Figure 87. How a Container Web Page Establishes the Link Between an Application and the Help Start Page

Screen and View Object Types

The screen, view, and help Id object types establish the link between a screen or a view and a help topic file. A predefined Siebel application includes references to help topics for a screen. It does not include references to help topics for a view. For more information, see Adding Help to a View.

The Help Identifier property of each screen and view establishes a link with the help Id object. Siebel CRM uses the following format for the Help Identifier property:



  • type is SCREEN or VIEW
  • objdefname identifies the screen or view

Help Id Object Type

The HTML Help URL property of the help Id object type identifies the HTML file that contains the help topics for the screen or the view. It maps the Help Identifier to a specific URL. You can use the same value for the HTML Help URL property for different help Id objects.

Siebel CRM uses the following format of the HTML Help URL property:



  • help is the folder on the Siebel Server where the HTML topic files reside
  • helptopics.htm is the HTML file that Siebel CRM displays if the user calls help
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