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Creating a New Application

You can modify a predefined application to meet most of your business requirements. However, you can create a new application, if necessary. For more information, see About Applications and Reusing Predefined Objects.

To create a new application

  1. In Siebel Tools, click Application in the Object Explorer.
  2. In the Applications list, create a new record.

    TIP:   To create a new application, you can copy a predefined application and then modify the properties and child objects of the new application. However, a field in an applet that is specific to the original application is not available in the new application, as determined by the application name.

  3. Enter values for the Project and Name properties.

    For more information, see Guidelines for Creating an Application.

  4. Add a page container template to the application for your home page.

    For more information, see About the Container Page.

  5. For each of the following properties, choose a value from the list of available Web pages:
  6. Associate the application with screens.
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