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Properties of a Business Component

Table 86 describes some of the properties that Siebel CRM commonly uses with a business component.

Table 86. Properties That Siebel CRM Commonly Uses with a Business Component


The C++ class that defines the functionality of the business component. For more information, see Class Property of a Business Component.


A name that must be unique among all business components that reside in the SRF. Siebel CRM uses the name to reference a business component.

No Delete

No Insert

No Update

If set to TRUE, then the user cannot perform the defined data manipulation operation. For example, if No Delete is TRUE, then the user cannot delete a record that is associated with this business component. The default value is FALSE.

Search Specification

A conditional expression that Siebel CRM uses to restrict the records retrieved. Defining the search specification on a business component is very similar to defining the search specification on an applet. For more information, see Options to Filter Data Displayed in an Applet.

Sort Specification

A sort specification that Siebel CRM uses to order the records returned. For more information, see Determining How a Business Component Sorts Records.


The name of the SQL table from which Siebel CRM retrieves records to update the majority of fields in the business component.

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