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Editing the Layout of a Web Page

The Web Page Object is the top level object in the Web hierarchy that Siebel CRM uses to create Web pages, such as the following:

  • Login pages
  • Error pages
  • Container pages

Similar to an applet or view, a Web page is associated with a Web template. Siebel CRM maps web page objects to placeholders in the template. The Web Page Editor allows you to view and edit web page objects. For more information, see Editing the Layout of a View.

To edit the layout of a web page

  1. Make sure the configuration context is set.

    For more information, see Setting the Configuration Context.

  2. In Siebel Tools, in the Object Explorer, click Web Page.
  3. In the Web Pages list, locate the web page you must modify, right-click, and then choose Edit Web Layout.
  4. Choose a custom control from the combo box on the toolbar and then drag it to a placeholder.
  5. Use the Properties window to set properties for the control, such as Caption, Method Invoked, and so forth.

    After you add controls to the web page, you can choose the Web Page Item object type in the Object Explorer, and then use the Web Page Items list to change the mappings you just created. For example, you can change the caption for the Queries menu label, which is the FavoritesLabel Web page item.

Multiple Image Display in the Web Layout Editor

The layout editor might display multiple images because the template that the Web page references contains a conditional tag, such as swe:if or swe:case. The template content varies depending on if one of the conditions is met or is not met. For example, with a Page Container, the condition can determine if Siebel CRM uses a CTI Java Applet or some other subtle or nonvisual difference. The layout editor displays the page as if all the conditions are true. This is useful if you must edit any of the pages. However, because only one condition is typically true in the Siebel client, Siebel CRM does not display redundant images in the Siebel client.

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