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What's New in This Release

What's New in Configuring Siebel Business Applications, Version 8.0, Rev. C

Table 1 lists changes in this version of the documentation to support release 8.0 of the software.

Table 1. What's New in Configuring Siebel Business Applications, Version 8.0, Rev. C

Guidelines for Creating a Business Component That References a Specialized Class

Modified topic. If you set the Class property of a business component to CSSBCServiceRequest, then you must also add the Abstract field to this business component.

How a Business Component Field Calculates a Value

Modified topic. You cannot use a script on a calculated field.

Guidelines for Modifying Configuration Files

New topic. Siebel CRM does not support any change you make to an application configuration file. The only exception is if the documentation for a Siebel application explicitly describes how you can change the configuration file.

Configuring Client-Side Import to Update a Business Component Field

Modified topic. You cannot use client-side import with a specialized business component or specialized applet.

Displaying the Save Button in High Interactivity

New topic. Because a Siebel application that runs in high interactivity uses an implicit save by default, the Save buttons are not visible in the predefined application. You can configure these buttons so Siebel CRM displays them in high interactivity.

Avoiding Losing Context During a Drilldown

New topic. In some custom configurations, if the user drills down to navigate through certain views, then Siebel CRM might ignore the search specification in the parent applet and lose the record context.

Configuring Quick Fill for a Custom Applet

New topic. You can configure quick fill for a custom applet.

Setting the Input Method Editor Mode on a Control or List Column

Modified topic. You can use the input method editor only in high interactivity.

Using the Case Insensitivity Wizard on a Table

Modified topic. After you use the Case Insensitivity Wizard, you must apply and then compile your changes.

Using the MLOV Converter Utility to Convert Multiple Languages

New topic. The MLOV Converter Utility upgrades only one language at a time. If the target columns include data in more than one language, then you must run the utility for each language.

How Siebel CRM Handles Certain Date Formats

New topic. If you set DDD, DD/MM/YYYY as the display format on a date list column, then Siebel CRM displays the date with the expected format, but you cannot update the date.

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