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Configuring Territory Assignment Components

NREC's assignment rules use the ZIP Code attribute on the opportunity to determine how to assign the opportunity. This is a custom attribute that you added to the opportunity business component in Adding Fields to the Opportunity Business Component.

Because this is a custom attribute, NREC needs to add a new assignment criteria using Siebel Tools before being able to create assignment rules. This section summarizes the high-level tasks necessary to create the assignment criteria. For detailed information about configuring assignment attributes, read Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

The tasks to create the Opportunity ZIP Code assignment criteria are:

  • Create a new Workflow Policy Column
  • Define a new Workflow Policy Component Column as a child record of the existing Opportunity Workflow Policy Component
  • Create a new Assignment Attribute and Assignment Attribute Column
  • Create a new Assignment Criteria and Assignment Criteria Attributes

NOTE:  Defining assignment criteria is only necessary when the predefined assignment criteria do not meet your organization's business needs. The tasks are summarized here to give you an idea of the underlying configuration that supports the subsequent sections of this chapter.

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