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Creating Assignment Rules Based on Territories

The first step is to create assignment rules based on territories. For example, three of NREC's territories are San Francisco, Peninsula, and East Bay. Each of these territories is served by a partner real estate agency. Each real estate agency is associated with a set of ZIP Codes, which you will define as criteria values in the next procedure.

  • San Francisco: 94101, 94102, 94103
  • Peninsula: 94301, 94401, 94010
  • East Bay: 94701, 94602, 94580

For the NREC example, you need to create an assignment rule for each territory listed above. The following procedures use San Francisco as an example.

To create assignment rules based on territories

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - Assignment > Assignment Rules List.
  2. In the Assignment Rules list, click New.
  3. Enter a new record using the values as shown in the following table.
    Example Value


    San Francisco

    Unique name for the rule



    The object to be assigned

    Rule Group

    Default Rule Group


    Minimum Score


    Although NREC is not using scoring, you must enter a value here.

    Assignee Filter

    All Above Minimum

    Use all assignees with an assignment score greater than or equal to the assignment rule's minimum score.

    For a description of other methods read Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

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