In previous chapters, you used Siebel Tools to configure the business logic of NREC's Partner Portal application. In addition to Siebel Tools, there are other mechanisms t to configure business logic as well. These include modules such as Siebel Business Process Designer, Siebel Personalization, and Assignment Manager. These modules are administered at run time using views in the Siebel Web Client. You can modify business logic without having to recompile the Siebel SRF file. This chapter describes how NREC used Assignment Manager to implement business rules. Subsequent chapters cover Business Process Designer and Personalization.

Use Assignment Manager to create business rules that automatically assign entities such as opportunities, service requests, or activities to the appropriate individuals. For example, NREC wants to automatically assign opportunities to employees at partner real estate agencies. When an opportunity is entered into the application, it contains the ZIP Code where the customer is interested in buying property. Assignment Manager uses this attribute to automatically assign the opportunity to a real estate agent located within that ZIP Code. After assignment rules are defined and made active, they are automatically triggered whenever a new opportunity is created.

This chapter includes the following topics:

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