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Adding Positions for Each Assignment Rule

Just as each rule has criteria that specify when the rule takes effect, each rule also has a list of positions, employees, or organizations that specifies the candidates for the assignment. In the NREC example, the assignment is based on positions. Each assignment rule is associated with the positions at the respective partner real estate agency. For example, the positions at the San Francisco Real Estate Agency are associated to the assignment rule for the San Francisco territory.

To add positions to an assignment rule

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Rule view, and then select the assignment rule for San Francisco.
  2. Click the Positions view tab.
  3. Click the menu button and then choose New Record.

    The Add Positions dialog box appears.

  4. Select the Positions for the partner real estate agency to associate with this rule.

    In the current example, these are the positions for the San Francisco Real Estate Agency:

    • SF Real Estate Sales Manager
    • SF Real Estate Agent 1
    • SF Real Estate Agent 2
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