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Specifying Assignment Criteria and Values for Rules

After defining assignment rules for each territory, you need to define the assignment criteria and criteria values.

  • Assignment criteria. Criteria used to determine which candidates qualify to receive the assignment. In the NREC example, the criteria compares the attributes of an opportunity and the attributes of a partner employee. Partner employees that have appropriate attributes qualify for the assignment.
  • Criteria values. Specific values or range of values for a given criterion. Criteria values are used for comparison. In the NREC example, the values for the assignment criteria are the ZIP Codes that fall within a particular territory.

To specify territory assignment criteria and values

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Rule View and select the assignment rule for San Francisco that you created in the previous section.
  2. Drill down on the Assignment Rule name (San Francisco).

    The Assignment Rule appears in the top form applet and Criteria list is displayed below it.

  3. Add a new record in the Criteria list, as shown in the following table.
    Value for NREC Example

    Rule Criterion

    Prospect ZIP Code

    Defines the type of criteria to be used. In this case, the NREC developer needed to create the assignment criteria, because the attribute being used is a custom attribute defined by NREC. For information about defining assignment criteria, read Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

    Comparison Method

    Compare to object

    Method used to match objects to candidates. For example, Compare to object compares criteria values to object attributes.



    Method used to match criteria values and candidates.



    Determines whether the criteria is required to qualify.



    Candidates that satisfy this criteria have this score added to their total score.

  4. In the Values List applet (located below the Criteria List applet), add new records for each of the ZIP Codes included in this assignment rule.

    For example, for the San Francisco territory assignment rule, you enter records for:

    • 94101
    • 94102
    • 94103
    • And so on
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