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Creating the House Detail - Appraisals View

Next you need to create a new view to display the Product Form applet and the Appraisals List applet. Use the New View wizard to complete the steps.

To create the Appraisals view

  1. Choose File > New Object.

    The New Object Wizard appears.

  2. Under the General tab, select the View icon and click OK.

    The New View Wizard opens.

  3. In the New View dialog box, enter the information shown in the following table, and then click Next.


    NREC Configuration

    View Name

    House Detail - Appraisals View

    View Title


    Business Object

    Internal Product

  4. In the View Web Layout - Select Template dialog box, select the View Detail (Parent with Pointer) Web template and then click Next.
  5. In the Web Layout - Applets dialog box, select the following two applets and then click Next:
    • Product Form Applet
    • Appraisals List Applet
  6. In the Finish dialog box, review the information you entered and then click Finish.

    The New View wizard creates the applet and the necessary supporting objects and opens the applet in the Edit Web Layout mode.

  7. You can preview the applet by right-clicking in the Layout window and then choosing Preview.
  8. Choose File > Close.
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