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Configuring the House Detail - Appraisals View

The House Appraisals view is designed to provide a list of appraisal details (date, appraisal value, appraiser) for a particular house. This is a one-to-many relationship between the Products entity (Houses) and the Appraisals entity. Each house can be associated with many appraisal records. Review the ER diagram in Data Layer for more information about NREC data entities and their relationships.

The standard Siebel data model does not include an appraisals entity. therefore, assume that the NREC design team has decided to create a new business component for appraisals, which will store its data in a standard one-to-many extension table. In the NREC example, you will use the 1:M extension table for S_PROD_INT, which is named S_PROD_INT_XM.

For more information about extension tables, read Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

The NREC design team has also determined that a master-detail view is required to display this data. The view displays a detailed house record in the top applet and a list of appraisals in the bottom applet. For the top applet, you can use the Product Form Applet that you configured as described in Modify Existing Product Applets to Display NREC Attributes. However, you need to create a new applet to display the list of Appraisals in the bottom applet. To see the end result of the configuration work, see Figure 19.

Displaying data from a 1:M extension table requires the following steps.

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