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Adding the Appraisals Business Component to a Business Object

Business objects group related business components together. They also gather the Link objects that associate two business components with one another. Generally, business objects correspond to a screen in Siebel applications. For example, the Opportunity business object is analogous to the Opportunities screen.

Internal Products business object is the business object on which the Houses screen is based. You must associate the Appraisals business component that you create, as described in Creating the Appraisals Business Component, to the Internal Products business object.

To add the business component to a business object

  1. In the Object Explorer, expand the Business Object object type.
  2. In the Object List Editor, select the Internal Product business object.
  3. In the Object Explorer, select the Business Object Component object type (child of business object).

    The Business Object Component window appears in the Object List Editor.

  4. In the Business Object Component window, enter a new record using the values shown in the following table.



    This is the business component you created as described in Creating the Appraisals Business Component.


    Internal Product/Appraisals

    The link defines the master-detail relationship between the parent and child business components.

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