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Compiling and Unit Testing

Now you are ready to compile and Unit Test your changes. After compiling the changes to a repository file, but before testing the changes, you must perform the following tasks using a Siebel employee application, such as Siebel Call Center or Siebel Sales. You cannot do these tasks in Siebel Partner Portal because it does not have the administrative views exposed.

  • Register the House Detail View in the application.
  • Associate the House Detail View to a responsibility.

    NOTE:  You cannot edit the responsibilities that are part of the seed data that ships with the product. You must create a new responsibility to be able to associate new views to it. You can copy one of the sample responsibilities, such as Siebel Administrator, and then customize it for your purposes. You can create a new responsibility for testing, call it NREC Test, and then associate the SADMIN user to the responsibility. When you log in as SADMIN, you can access the new view.

You must complete these steps any time you create a new view. For detailed procedures, read Testing Changes.

Figure 18 shows what the applets and view look like after configuring them.

Figure 18. NREC House Detail
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