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Configuring the Opportunity Details View

NREC uses Partner Portal's standard Opportunity Details view so partner agents can enter and display information about opportunities. However, many of the attributes that NREC needs to track for each opportunity are not part of the standard Siebel data model. For example, the standard data model does not include the number of bedrooms or bathrooms that a potential buyer may be interested in. The additional attributes are:

  • Agent
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Price Range
  • Square Feet

NREC follows an approach similar to what they did for the Houses entity—add columns to the base table and then modify the objects at the business logic layer and user interface layer accordingly.

For detailed information about extending the database, read Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

The high-level configuration tasks are:

Figure 20 shows a mock-up design for the Opportunity Detail View. The Opportunity Detail view is the default view for the Opportunities screen. It is a list-form view. The Opportunity List Applet is the master applet. The Opportunity Form applet is the detail applet. The mock-up shows both the standard fields and the fields added for NREC.

Figure 20. Opportunity Detail View Mock-Up
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