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Initializing a Mobile Web Client Local Database

The volume of information that must be downloaded from the Siebel Remote server to initialize a mobile Web client's database is usually substantial. Establish a LAN (rather than a modem or WAN) connection between the server and the mobile Web client for this process.

Alternatively, the local database can be initialized from a CD-ROM or other media—if compressed files have been copied into the folder specified as FileSystem parameter. For more information about extracting to a CD, read Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

NOTE:  To initialize a mobile Web client database, the TableOwner parameter in the CFG file must be set to Siebel (the default).

To initialize the mobile Web client database

  1. Establish a connection between the Siebel Remote server and Chris Strong's laptop.
  2. In the mobile Web client's Siebel program group, click the Siebel Remote icon.

    NOTE:  Verify that the icon is pointing to the appropriate CFG file. The default is siebel.cfg.

  3. In the Siebel Remote Parameters dialog box, enter the information as shown in the following table.

    Client Name

    CSTRONG (registered Siebel client name).

    User Name

    CSTRONG (login name).


    CSTRONG (If an authenticator password was assigned, enter that instead of CSTRONG).

  4. Click Continue.
  5. Monitor the process for errors.

To initialize the mobile client database during login

  • Log in to the local database when starting the application. When Siebel Business Applications cannot find a local database, it attempts to initialize the local database. Follow the prompts.

After the initialization completes, Chris Strong's laptop is ready for use in the field. Chris Strong needs to resynchronize with the Siebel Remote Server on a frequent basis. Instructions for this process are included in the next section, Synchronizing a Mobile Web Client. There is an auto synchronization option to help maintain the frequency of synchronization.

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