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Setting Up a New Siebel Remote User

Setting up a mobile Web client involves certain tasks for both the Siebel Remote server and the mobile Web client. The administrator must repeat each of these steps for each mobile client.

An administrator at NREC completed the entire process of setting up each mobile client. NREC decided not to rely on end users to complete the configuration because the administrator could be more thorough and accurate in completing each task.

Setting up a new Siebel Remote user entails the following tasks.

  1. Create a mobile Web client user account and privileges. For details, read Creating a Mobile Web Client User Account and Privileges.
  2. Set up mobile Web client hardware and software. For details, read Setting Up Mobile Client Hardware and Software.
  3. Enable network connectivity. For details, read Enabling Network Connectivity.
  4. Establish autodial preferences. For details, read Establishing Autodial Preferences.
  5. Set synchronization preferences. For details, read Setting Siebel Remote Preferences.
  6. Register a mobile Web client. For details, read Registering a Mobile Client.
  7. Run database extract for a mobile Web client. For details, read Running Database Extract for a Mobile Web Client.
  8. Initialize a mobile Web client local database. For details, read Initializing a Mobile Web Client Local Database.

NOTE:  For information about advanced topics, such as authentication or conflict detection and resolution, read Siebel Security Guide and Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

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