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Running Database Extract for a Mobile Web Client

The database extract process retrieves data visible to Chris Strong from the server database. It retrieves data according to routing rules that define the level of access to information for Chris Strong. It creates compressed files that contain data to be loaded into the local database when Chris initializes the laptop.

Before running a database extract for Chris Strong, you must make sure that your organization's reporting hierarchies are updated and that Chris has a valid position in your organization's hierarchy. The resulting information is used by the application's routing rules, and may affect the outcome of the database extract. For more information on positions, read Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

To run a database extract for a mobile Web client

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - Server > Enterprise Operations.
  2. Click the Component Jobs tab, and click New.
  3. In the Component/Job field, choose Database Extract from the pick list.
  4. In the Component Job Parameters list, click New and add the necessary parameters.

    The required parameter for Database Extract is Client Name.

    The value for the Client Name parameter is CSTRONG, the name of Chris Strong's mobile Web client.

  5. From the Component Jobs menu, choose Submit request.

The mobile client database is extracted. This may take a few minutes.

Server Directory Tree After Running Database Extract

The Database Extract program creates the appropriate directories for Chris Strong on the Remote server.

NOTE:  The installation program also places a directory named txnproc in the docking directory within the Siebel server root directory. Do not modify the contents of this directory under any circumstances.

The following example shows a portion of the server directory tree after you run Database Extract for Chris Strong.


For more information about this topic, read Sample Directory Tree After Running Database Extract.

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