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Roadmap for Configuring JMS Messaging Between Siebel Business Applications and Oracle SOA Suite Using Oracle Advanced Queuing

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) facilitates the development of enterprise applications as modular business services that can be integrated and reused. Oracle SOA Suite, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, provides a set of service infrastructure components for creating, deploying and managing SOA applications.

This process describes how to integrate Siebel Business Applications with Oracle SOA Suite using Java Message Service (JMS) messaging and Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ), the message queuing functionality of the Oracle database.

Figure 1 shows the flow of outbound JMS messaging from Siebel Business Applications to Oracle SOA Suite. The Siebel EAI Application Object Manager places the message in the outbound queue, then Oracle SOA Suite retrieves it.

Figure 1. Outbound JMS Message Flow

Figure 2 shows the flow of inbound JMS messaging from Oracle SOA Suite to Siebel Business Applications. Oracle SOA Suite places the message in the inbound queue, then the Siebel EAI Application Object Manager retrieves it.

Figure 2. Inbound JMS Message Flow

The Siebel Business Applications to SOA Suite integration requires the following tasks:

  1. Creating JMS Queues
  2. Process of Configuring the OJMS Resource Adapter on the OC4J Container
  3. Process of Installing Required Files for JMS Messaging
  4. Process of Configuring JMS Messaging on the Siebel Server

For information on connecting to Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA) using JMS messaging, see Article ID 971592.1 on My Oracle Support.

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