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Process of Configuring the OJMS Resource Adapter on the OC4J Container

The Oracle Java Messaging Service (OJMS) resource adapter deployed on the Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) container is used to send messages to AQ-JMS queues. The OJMS resource adapter acts as a bridge between Siebel Business Applications and the AQ-JMS queue.

You perform the following tasks to configure the OJMS resource adapter:

  1. Creating the Connection Pool
  2. Creating the Data Source
  3. Creating the Resource Adapter
  4. Creating the Connection Factory
  5. Creating the Administered Object
  6. Verifying the Resource Adapter Configuration
  7. Configuring EJB RMI Client Access

Configuring the OJMS resource adapter on the OC4J container is a step in Roadmap for Configuring JMS Messaging Between Siebel Business Applications and Oracle SOA Suite Using Oracle Advanced Queuing.

NOTE:  The instructions given here are for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 3 (

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