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Event Preparation

When you know the approximate nature and purpose of your event, your intended audience, and any constraints on timing and location, you are ready to begin preparing for the event. This phase typically includes the following business tasks:

  • Activity management tasks. These tasks include:
    • Assigning event preparation and implementation tasks to employees, vendors, or other event staff
    • Tracking progress of event preparation activities
    • Designating the event staff and speakers
  • Information preparation tasks. These tasks include:
    • Refining and organizing the information that will be presented at the event
    • Researching and choosing one or more speakers for the event
    • Tracking and managing speaker availability for the event
    • Preparing information for Web site publication
    • Preparing collateral to be distributed at the event
  • Site preparation tasks. These tasks include:
    • Researching and choosing a venue for the event
    • Arranging for any needed facilities and equipment within the venue
    • Doing the required physical setup of the event site prior to beginning the event
  • Financial tasks. These tasks include:
    • Forming partner relationships to improve event quality or defray expenses
    • Tracking expenditures and revenues in relation to the event budget
  • Other tasks. These tasks include:
    • Researching and choosing vendors for the event
    • Inviting prospective event attendees
    • Registering attendees in advance
    • Preparing status reports concerning preparations for the event
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