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Event Implementation

When you open the event to the first registrant, you have moved from the preparation phase into the implementation phase of the event. This phase typically includes the following business tasks:

  • Registering walk-in attendees at the event site. Register walk-in attendees using administration screens, or let attendees self-register using the Web site (recommended).
  • Completing last-minute preparation tasks. Complete last-minute tasks, such as recording the billing parameters the vendor will use, recording any discounts or special rates you negotiate, and storing file attachments for the event.
  • Coordinating with venue personnel. Coordinate with venue personnel to address any facilities issues that arise during the event.
  • Coordinating with vendor personnel. Coordinate with vendor personnel to make sure that they deliver contracted goods and services on time, in good condition, and at the correct locations within the venue.
  • Coordinating with partner organizations. Coordinate with partner organizations to make sure that they meet their obligations for the event.
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