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Condition Evaluator Service

This business service can be used in workflows to compare two values in order to determine if a condition has been met.

Evaluate Condition Method

Table 63 details the input arguments for the Evaluate Condition method.

Table 63. Input Arguments for Evaluate Condition Method
Input Argument

Input 1

Current Amount

Indicates the value used to evaluate if the condition has been met.

Input 2


The operator used for the calculation. Possible values are:

BETWEEN (< and >)
BETWEEN (<= and >=)

Input 3

Target Amount

This is the value to which the Current Amount is compared.

May specify minimum and maximum bounds separated by a colon (Min:Max) for BETWEEN operator. This may be used to compare to the Benefit Amount, the Condition Amount, or the Target Amount.

Table 63 details the output arguments for the Evaluate Condition method.

Table 64. Output Arguments for Evaluate Condition Method
Output Argument

Output 1

Compliance Flag

Indicates whether Condition has been met.

This business service compares the Current Amount to the Target Amount using the specified operator and sets the compliance flag.

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