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About Configuring the Revise Button

When a user clicks the Revise button for an agreement:

  • The agreement is revised, deep copied, and its version is incremented.
  • Fields in the original agreement become read-only, according to the Read Only Upon Revise user property. See Table 65.

The read-only field behavior of the Revise button in the Agreements screen can be configured by editing the Read Only Upon Revise user property.

Table 65. How Read Only Upon Revise Determines Read-Only Behavior after Revision
Read Only Upon Revise =
Field Behavior of Original Agreement Record after Revise is Clicked


All fields are read-only


All fields except End Date, Valid, and Status are read-only


No fields are read-only

For information about editing user properties, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

NOTE:  Do not edit the Read Only Upon Revise Field user property.

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