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Adding Terms to Agreements

This topic assumes that the agreement has already been entered in Siebel Field Service. The example is based on information provided in the section Scenario for Advanced Contracts.

The following procedure describes how to create terms for an agreement.

To create terms for an agreement

  1. Navigate to the Agreements screen, and select your agreement.
  2. Click the Terms view tab.

    If it does not appear, click the down arrow next to the third-level view tabs to select it.

  3. In the Terms view, you can either create a new term or add an existing term from a template:
    1. Click the Add button to add an existing term to the agreement.
      • Select a term to add to the agreement.
      • Use Ctrl+Click to select multiple terms in the list.
      • Use Ctrl+A to select all terms in the list.
    2. Click OK to add the selected Term(s) to the agreement.


    • Click the New button to create a new term, which does not exist in the current library of term templates, to the agreement and complete the appropriate fields.


      The section number for the term.

      Term Name

      A representative description for the term; for example, Term Length.


      The legal type of the term: Standard, Non-Standard, or Special.


      The actual term as it is used in the agreement.

      NOTE:  Once terms are inserted into the agreement from Term Templates, they may be manually edited.

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