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Adding Benefits to Agreements

Once the agreement has been created, the account manager creates specific benefits for the agreement.

To create a benefit for an agreement

  1. Navigate to the Agreements screen, and select the agreement.
  2. Click the Entitlements view tab.
  3. Select an Entitlement or create a new Entitlement.

    NOTE:  Benefits and conditions are instantiated with entitlements.

  4. Click the Benefits view tab.
  5. In the Benefits view, you can either add a benefit from existing benefit templates or create a new benefit.
    • Click the Add Benefits button to add a benefit from an existing benefit template.

      NOTE:  You can use the Apply Template button to constrain the list of benefits based on the selected parent entitlement template.

    • Click the New button to create a new benefit and complete the appropriate fields.

      The fields available in the Benefits applet are described in Creating Benefit and Condition Templates.

      NOTE:  Adding an existing Benefit from a template with Conditions defined will instantiate both the Benefit and related Conditions.

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