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Adding Conditions to Benefits

Once the benefit has been created, the sales representative may need to add conditions to the benefits. You can design many different types of benefits and conditions, such as a rebate when the customer purchases a certain number of products for each quarter. Until that condition is met, the customer will not receive the benefit.

To add a condition to a benefit

  1. Navigate to the Agreements screen, and select your agreement.
  2. Click the Entitlements view tab.
  3. Select your Entitlement or add a new Entitlement.
  4. Click the Benefits view tab.
  5. Select your Benefit or add a new Benefit.

    The Conditions list is displayed below the Benefits list.

    NOTE:  Adding an existing Benefit from a template with Conditions defined will instantiate both the Benefit and related Conditions. See Adding Benefits to Agreements.

  6. Click the New button to create a new condition, and complete the appropriate fields.

    NOTE:  You may use AND, OR, and other expressions to define the condition.

    The fields available in the Condition applet are described in Creating Benefit and Condition Templates.

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