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Verifying Compliance

Once conditions have been added to the benefits, you can use Siebel Workflow to automatically evaluate compliance, or you can verify compliance manually. Use the Compliance applet to track compliance to the conditions over time.

To manually verify compliance

  1. Navigate to the Agreements screen, and select your agreement.
  2. Click the Entitlements view tab.
  3. Click the Benefits view tab.
  4. Select the Agreement, Entitlement, Benefit, and Condition being evaluated.

    The Compliance applet is displayed next to the Conditions applet.

  5. Click the New button in the Compliance applet to create a new compliance record and complete the fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    The date that compliance was verified. This field is automatically populated with the current date when you insert a new record.

    Verified By

    The username of the person verifying compliance. This field is automatically populated with the username of the person creating the record. You can use the pick applet to locate a different name.


    The actual value used to evaluate the condition; for example, the number of items ordered this quarter (3002), the value compared to the Target amount.


    A Yes or No field indicating if the condition has been achieved.


    Additional comments you may want to add.

There are additional fields in the Compliance applet. They are described in Table 58.

Table 58. Additional Fields in the Compliance Applet

Start Date

Used to track the start of the period over which the condition has been evaluated.

End Date

Used to track the end date of the period over which the condition has been evaluated.

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