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Running Charge Plans Using Workflows

Workflows can be used to automatically run charge plans and create charges for agreement line items. The FS - Generate Agreement Charge workflow and the FS - Generate All Agreement Charges workflow can be used to set up a repeating component job to run charges. See Workflow to Create Agreement Charges and Workflow to Generate All Agreement Charges and for more information.

To generate multiple charges for an agreement line item using a repeating component job

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Server Management screen > Jobs view.
  2. In the Jobs list, create a new Job record.
  3. In the Component/Job field, select Workflow Process Manager.
  4. Enter the desired Repeat Interval and Repeat Unit in the Job Detail view.

    For example, a Repeat Unit of Weeks and a Repeat Interval of 1 would run the charge generation process on a weekly basis.

  5. Scroll down to the Job Parameters list and create a new parameter record.
  6. In the Name field, select Workflow Process Name, and in the Value field, enter FS - Generate Agreement Charge or FS - Generate All Agreement Charges.
  7. Click the Start button in the Jobs list.
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