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Entitlements Overview

Charges can be adjusted based on an entitlement associated with a service call. An agreement can have many entitlements associated with it. One agreement typically encompasses several products or assets. These products and assets can be covered by multiple service packages. Each service package can then include different entitlements. Complex pieces of machinery may have many associated components. The service package associated with each product can then have different entitlements for the various components and labor.

For example, a certain key machine part breaks down and a field engineer is required to fix the part. This fix requires three hours of the engineer's time. If the engineer is billed at a rate of $50 an hour, the final charge for the customer would be $150. However, if the customer is covered by a service-level agreement with entitlements that cover all time and material for that particular part, the charge would have an additional charge adjustment added to subtract the ($150) leaving an outstanding balance of $0. Field Service can inform the customer of the charge adjustment and why the adjustment has been performed.

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